Founded in 1970, Frigosystem remains focused on the design, manufacture and sale of industrial chillers and temperature controllers, with a long experience in high accuracy systems. 

The wide range of the products permits to satisfy all specific demands of both small and big industry: Frigosystem can structure their offer with tailor-made plants and proposals, always oriented to efficiency and energy saving.

The vocation to innovation, the constant research in technologies and marketing, the application of professional ethics support Frigosystem in its continued growth and in the consolidated cooperation with world renowned OEMs. The company is today present in the world with a wide sales and service network.

Since 2024, Frigosystem has a partnership with PTA UK Ltd. for the marketing, sales, installation and service of cooling systems in the UK territory.


3 - 120 kW



Max AmbT 42 °C

8 - 60 kW



Max AmbT 45 °C


50 - 1250 kW

R410A - R454B


Max AmbT 46/50 °C


500 - 2500 kW

R134a - R513A - R1234ze​


Max AmbT 54 °C

300 - 4700 kW

R134a - R513A - R1234ze

Magnetic Levitation


250 - 30000 m³/h

PID regulation ±0,4°C

Water - Air heat exchanger with droplet separator

1000 - 11000 m³/h

15 - 220 kW



Water - Air heat exchanger with droplet separator

Max AmbT 45 °C

48 - 85 kW

1000 - 5500 m³/h

Max process waterT 40°C



Water - Air heat exchanger with droplet separator

20 - 1800 kW

No water

Energy saving

50 - 1100 kW

Water saving 95%

Shower water distribution system

EC fans

Energy saving

7 - 120 kW



Integrated heating

1 or 2 thermoregulated zone

Process T -10÷120°C

Max OIL T 350°C

Max WATER T 180°C

Integrated electrical heating up to 500 kW Indirect heating

Direct/Indirect cooling


PTA UK Ltd has for over 25 years been supplying, designing, project managing the supply and installation of central cooling systems and the required associated services.

At the start of every project, we invest time to understand customers’ operational and environmental goals as well as their business needs. This way, we are able to provide effective solutions to a customers’ short and long-term requirements.

For every project, we can provide detailed proposals that include scaleable 2D and 3D CAD files and clearly presented estimates for all stages of work. Projected energy and cost savings and payback schedules are also supplied, if required and where applicable.

To minimise our customers’ initial capital investments, we seek to integrate and upgrade existing plant into new schemes, wherever this is practical.

Our track record in system design speak for itself. We have supplied effective turnkey solutions for leading business in the plastics sector, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, composites, engineering sector and food & beverage processing.

Our design and installation teams operate as an integrated unit, ensuring a seamless transition from initial concept right through to customer handover.

All on site work is carefully planned and scheduled to minimise disruption and system downtime, we will pre-fabricate as much as possible off site to streamline on-site operations.

In order to find the best solution for your application and budget, please get in touch and speak to one of our technical team. We can either use plant specifications to assist you over the telephone or arrange to visit your site to discuss with you face to face your specific requirements. 


Tank Cooling Project – Injection Moulding

We were approached to look at a project where they where looking to replace an old 150kW chiller that was connected to a tank for the tooling factory cooling, they wanted this changed over with minimal disruption to minimize factory downtime due to production demands. The customer was looking for reliability, variable loading and ease of use, along with value for money.

We supplied one of our RPE units, fitted with an integral pump, which made it easier for the customer at the changeover. The customer liked that the chiller had two compressors in the selected model to achieve partial loading when required. This along with variable speed fans, gave them the energy saving they desired.

Extrusion Bath and Pellatizer Project - Extrusion

To supply a self contained 200kW air cooled chiller with an integral pump and tank, so the customer could connect direct into the pipework to cool their extrusion bath heat exchangers and pellatizing line.

We supplied one of our energy efficent RPE units, fitted with a single integral pump and tank, which made it easier for the customer’s installation as they going to move this to aonther location shortly and will not have the issues of moving external pumps, tanks and control systems.

Replacement Chiller – Injection Moulding

We where contacted by a customer who required a quick turn-around as their old self-contained chiller with it’s own pump and tank had got to the point it unreliable and wasn’t cost effective to repair, so they made the decision to contact suppliers they knew for a replacement.

Once the duty was confirmed and agreed with the customer, we proposed a self-contained RPE unit with it’s own pump and tank. We had this in stock and we were able to deliver this to the customer straight from stock. The customer was able to install and commission the chiller easily themselves due to the easy plug and play operation of the unit.



We can supply and manufacture from a simple single pump and tank design to complex multiple pump and tank systems for linking between the chilled water production plants and process.

Each pump tank module or skid design, responds to specific requirements, like flow and temperatures, as well as pressure losses related to the plant design of each installation.

We can incorporate PLC control systems giving control of the whole system, with the ability to communicate with the local on-site engineers.

Freecooling and Energy Saving Process Cooling

To achieve the best from energy saving, this starts with a detailed assessment of your existing systems. From there, we can discuss and create a no obligation system proposal that details realistic energy and cost-saving forecasts, and accurate return on investment.

If you feel like your production could benefit from an energy saving analysis, don’t hesitate to contact us ( or call us today on 01933 449444 to arrange a free energy survey, and to discuss how we can help you.


We can supply and install process pipework in all sizes and materials for process cooling systems, thermal oil systems, compressed air and material conveying.

  • Welded Stainless Steel
  • Crimped Stainless Steel
  • Gavlanised / Rolled and Threaded
  • ABS and PVC
  • Aluminum Tubing



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